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[VIDEO] Energy Saving

August 16, 2019

Energy Saving is becoming the norm now when installing lights into any building, office or home. LED is obviously a great way to go and here Kieran explains to us…

[VIDEO] The RLT Thermal Mug

August 12, 2019

Here Carl shows us some of the benefits and features of the RLT Thermal mug. This mug has gone down very well with our clients, so if you want one…

[VIDEO] LED Emergency Bulkhead

July 1, 2019

Do you often find yourself fitting compliance items such as Emergency Bulkhead and other similar items? Here Alistair shows us our bulkhead which is switchable from Maintained to Non-Maintained through…

[VIDEO] Emergency Lighting

June 3, 2019

Emergency Lighting is an extremely important part of workplaces and public places. In an emergency, if power is cut out to the lighting in the eventof a fire or similar…

[VIDEO] WhatsApp Helpline

April 12, 2019

We just love making lives easier. That’s why we now have WhatsApp connected to our main sales line 0151 480 4000. Any product you can’t identify, just snap a pic,…

An expanding product range

February 6, 2019

Although lighting consumables is something we are very good at we are expanding our product range to include plumbing parts amongst many other, all in aid of making your life…