RLT Group


At RLT Group, we’ve accelerated our sustainable transformation, driving towards our net zero goal. Your supply chain needs to be not only effective but environmentally friendly, supporting communities and safeguarding our planet. Take a look below at some of our initiatives.

What we’ve done so far:

SoLar, so good

Solar panels installed on the building now generate well over 80% of our energy and any top up comes from renewable sources.

SoLar, so good | RLT

A fleet that is electrifying

Our fleet is turning electric with 50% of our fleet being fully electric and growing! Plus, our staff can charge for free at our premises.

A fleet that is electrifying | RLT

It’s not just farmers that have balers

All our cardboard is baled in-house and sent for recycling.

It’s not just farmers that have balers | RLT

Our cartons have seen the world before

Approximately 50% of the card used in our cartons is recycled and the rest comes from accredited sustainably managed forests.

Our cartons have seen the world before | RLT

Charity starts at home

We are a proud supporter of charities both global such as Rapid Relief Team, and local such as Alder Hey R Charity, through both donations and allowing staff time to volunteer.

Charity starts at home | RLT

LEDing the way

We’ve been dealing with LED lighting for years, so it makes sense that our entire premises uses high efficiency LED lighting.

LEDing the way | RLT

Our plans for the future:

Bye-bye plastic

In facilikits and packaging, we are reducing plastic by removing plastic bags from the facilikit, changing to sustainable pens, researching non-plastic void-fill and using recycled packaging products.

Bye-bye plastic | RLT

EVs for EVeryone

We’re continuing to expand our EV fleet to ensure everyone has PHEV or EV vehicles, with the vast majority fully electric. On top of this, we are partnering with couriers who are trialling electric vehicle deliveries.

EVs for EVeryone | RLT

Charity events

After some great charity events in recent years, we’ve got more on the horizon raising money for our charity partners.

Charity events | RLT

Supply chain

We are bringing manufacturing to UK and Europe to reduce airmiles and improve the sustainability of our products.

Supply chain | RLT

Net Zero

In line with our ISO commitments, we are continuing to strive towards being net zero.

Net Zero | RLT