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[VIDEO] Why not generate quotes from the field?

[VIDEO] Why not generate quotes from the field?


Do your clients require a quote uploading to their system, such as Verisae, in a specific format?

This tool, available to all simplyonsite platinum users, means engineers on the field can now raise quotes which will be formatted ready for upload to your client system.

Your clients will often have specific questions they ask such as:

  • Does this fault pose a risk to health & safety
  • What is the travel time to the job
  • Is an NICEIC certificate needed

With the mySOS app, these bespoke questions can be asked on the field, making it easy to capture data which is then automatically transferred into a quote-ready template for easy upload or sending to your client.

With miscommunication and lack of information being one of the most common costs in the FM sector, it makes sense to ensure that the correct information is gleaned on every site visit, whilst making life easier for your engineers.  The information is captured on the field eliminating the need to double check details, manipulate data or, in worst case, return to site for further information.

So if you want help in making life easier for you, your engineers and your client, why not get in touch with our helpdesk on 0151 480 4000 or sales@rltonsite.co.uk.

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