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What’s changed?

What’s changed?

Change happens!  Pretty much everyone is watching change happen and as the world becomes more complex, change happens quicker!

In the FM sector, and especially lighting maintenance, change has been never more apparent.  In the last 10 years, LED’s have become a meaningful lighting solution, the GFC has meant clients demand more for less and workforce management has gone online to name just a few changes.

This means FM companies have to drive efficiency in new and innovative ways, work with vendors to utilise technology to the best possible advantage and engineers have to understand a whole new set of products.

So how does the FM industry cope?

In reality, it’s the companies who embrace change that move forward.

That goes for the companies themselves, their clients and arguably most important, their suppliers.

Because staying ahead in a changing world is much easier with support from truly innovative suppliers who proactively stay ahead in their field.

At RLT Onsite, innovation is one of our four core values (alongside energy, integrity and teamwork).  Looking back over just four years reveals an incredible journey shaped by client relationships and anticipating client needs.

In 2010, the unique direct to site delivery system was formed offering facilities managers and lighting maintenance organisations the ability to have their goods delivered direct to site the next working day.  This unique system was as a result of working closely with our clients and finding out exactly what they thought they would need in the years to come.

2011 saw the system branded and rolled out to larger facilities managers with our first agreement signed with one of the largest UK facilities managers for two large retail chains.  This relationship continues today.  Also in 2011, we launched the facilikit to help engineers complete their job quickly and easily.

Moving forward to 2012, the message spread and we enjoyed consistently high growth as further developments were brought in such as the texted and emailed notifications for engineers and head office.

2013 saw the system roll out the parcel labelling with the clients logo as well as our Live Price Book system.  This was also the year that clients could order by 5PM and still receive 24hr delivery.

And this year?  The all new lighting guide was brought out giving engineers the best tool ever to help them identify and order their spares with minimum hassle.  We also started our projects team as facilities managers began to branch out into LED projects with the help of our in-house design capability.  Lastly, we rolled out our new SGP Account system (Silver, Gold & Platinum) giving bespoke service levels to our Platinum Account clients.

For 2015… watch this space!  It looks to be our most innovative year yet as we respond further to client requests.

Alongside these global changes for clients, platinum clients also enjoy a bespoke service level agreement with the latest being an app developed specifically for one client.  As one of their service controllers put it, “We just aren’t used to this kind of service”.

And we won’t stop.  Innovation is one of our values.  We love change and will continue to do it to make our clients lives easier and in turn help them to help their clients.

If you want to work with a progressive, dynamic and forward-thinking lighting supplier, look no further.  Contact us today.

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