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Underground car park gets a revamp…

Underground car park gets a revamp…

Saving over 80% energy with LED auto-dim tubes and the DEXIS luminaire!

With existing 58W tubes in 1x58W anti-corrosive luminaires, the car park was high maintenance as well as energy inefficient.  The client asked us if there was any way to utilise LED technology to save energy but within a tight spending budget.

The solution given was the DEXIS anti-corrosive luminaire pre-wired to take PANTHER LED tubes.  As well saving over 50% in energy, the PANTHER tubes given also had an integral auto-dim function and photocell on them meaning they are only lit when movement is detected and there isn’t enough natural light, (specifically applicable to the area near the entrance).

The client is now enjoying:

  • Over 80% energy saving
  • 30,000hr life on LED tubes
  • Higher lumen output
  • Auto-dim function minimising energy usage
  • New DEXIS anti-corrosive fittings

Contact us today with details of any project you may have.  With years of experience and access to a huge range of high specification luminaires, you can be sure to enjoy the latest technology at exceedingly competitive pricing.

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