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Setting and achieving 2017 goals…

Setting and achieving 2017 goals…

Setting and achieving your 2017 goals!

A new year always comes with the opportunity to reset, recharge and revive our goals. New Year Resolutions often only last two weeks at best before becoming a distant ‘nice idea’ that will only be revived next year.
So how can we keep our 2017 goals fresh and achieve them?

A few tips for goal setting and achieving…
1. It’s important to start goal setting from your own personal mission statement. So many people set goals because they are “nice to do”, not because they are “fundamental to who I want to be”. A great way to find out what your mission really should be is to think about what you would like people who know you to say if you aren’t present. For instance, is it to be a positive influence, to improve the lives of those around you or to help young people get a head-start in life? Once you have this as a baseline, your 2017 goals are simpler to set and much more powerful as they will tie in directly to what you want your life to look like.
2. Write down what you want to achieve in 2017. The likelihood is, you won’t be able to achieve everything. The key thing is to be able to say “no to the good, to say yes to the best” as Zig Ziglar says. With every goal you have written, ask yourself whether it will contribute to your personal mission statement. Will it adversely affect your mission? Will it adversely affect anyone else? Narrow your goals down to the ones you truly want to achieve.
3. Write down your goals and put them in places you will see regularly. This could be your wallet, maybe on a book mark you use or on the wall in your house.
4. Each week, plan your big rocks that will move you closer to your 2017 goals. Ask yourself the question, what is the one thing I can do this week that will move be closer to Goal X and then repeat for each goal you have set. Then plan these in before you even enter the week. Block out the time so that it doesn’t get taken over by smaller trivial tasks when the time comes.
5. Plan each day before you enter the day and if need be, move tasks around to ensure your important tasks that will move you closer to your goals don’t get swamped.

Have you ever had a moment when you achieved what you set out to do? Have you won a race in a sports day at school, finished a project on time and under budget, smashed targets
or solved a difficult problem successfully? It feels good, doesn’t it? Remember the feel good factor of achieving each of your goals. Imagine you are already there and what it will feel like. When you would prefer to do something else instead of your weekly task that will move you closer to your goal, just remember what it will feel like when your goal is achieved.

It will be worth it!

All the best for 2017!

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