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Phase-out Timeline ErP Directive

Phase-out Timeline ErP Directive

Lamp Phase-Out Timeline from ErP Directives

In 2009, the EU created a new directive and timeline for phasing out inefficient lamps in favour of new CFL and LED lamps. The timeline has been updated in the meantime delaying the phase out of non-directional halogen lamps until 1st September 2018. However, it is critical that users carefully consider their replacement of such lamps so that as their current ones fail, they research the market for the best LED alternatives. Much of the phase-out has currently happened. However, the lamps that will have the greatest effect on consumers are being phased-out towards the end of the timeline. It is worth noting that most can be directly replaced with retrofit LED lamps and all can be replaced with new LED luminaires surprisingly easily. The timeline currently is as follows:

1st Sept 2009 Phase-out of clear 100W+ incandescent lamps. Non-clear (i.e. pearl or frosted lamps) require an ‘A’ energy rating which basically means they must be CFL or LED.

1st Sept 2010 Phase-out of clear 75W+ incandescent lamps.

1st Sept 2011 Phase-out of clear 60W+ incandescent lamps.

1st Sept 2012 Phase out of all clear incandescent lamps.

24th Feb 2016 Phase out of some lamps which were known as special purpose and hence omitted from previous phase-outs. This includes rough service incandescent, high and low temperature lamps and decorative filament.

1st Sept 2016 Phase-out of directional mains-voltage halogen lamps (PAR, GU10 etc…)

1st April 2017 Phase-out of low efficiency discharge lamps. Specific manufacturers have re-engineered much of their ranges to compensate.

1st Sept 2018 Phase-out of non-directional halogen lamps (incandescent replacements etc…)

Download this as a pdf below.

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