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New mySOS website now launched to trial clients…

New mySOS website now launched to trial clients…

With very positive feedback, the new mySOS online portal for facilities managers has been launched to a trial set of clients. Over 2,500 products online, fully searchable, with live stock levels and your specific pricing, this promises to transform the way you work.

But it’s not just an order online facility. Take a look at a few of the industry-leading features this website incorporates:
– Tiered log-in structure | This unique system allows all users of the website to see only their own order and any orders of subordinates in the team structure. With three levels of tiering, you can construct your own engineers and give different levels of permissions using the team details tab. It means you can rest assured information across large teams remains safe and controlled.
– Quote approval routing | Eliminating errors in communication, your engineers can now get quotes approved via the website with auto-emails asking managers for approval.
– Limit order value | It’s easy to limit the amount your engineers can order without approval.
– Purchase card friendly | Not only can the system take card payment, but can work with Line Item Detail (LID) invoicing mechanisms for greater control
– Top products | No need to search through the website, the top products page gives you a list of your most commonly ordered items, great for specific contracts where repeat orders are often.
– Fully searchable | All products are searchable by manufacturer product code, order reference, or any detail referring to that product.
– Mobile friendly | Making it easy to use the website on the road.
– View order history | All order and quote history shown with tracking links to keep an eye on your deliveries.

Want to trial the website and provide feedback. Feel free to contact the sales team today on 0151 480 4000.

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