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Need it… now?

Need it… now?

When your project is running to tight schedules, the last thing you need is delays in delivery!

The recently formed project division at RLT Onsite has been formed with our mission at its core – making life easier for our clients.  It’s this focus on service that gives our clients peace of mind knowing that goods will be delivered on time, every time.

With a refurbishment already underway in a supermarket in Culloden, Scotland, an urgent request came through for 50pcs of the VENUS T5 recessed modular luminaire with delivery required within 3 days.  With most carriers only offering a 3 day service to Culloden, the team worked together on finding a way of ensuring the product was delivered within the strict timescales the client required.  Delivery was made on time and the project was finished.

With our mission at our core, the whole team thinks the same way.  In both our maintenance and project divisions, our clients enjoy a dedication to outstanding service, rapid deliveries and innovation.

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