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National Customer Service Week…

National Customer Service Week…

It’s national customer service week again…

We’re pretty dedicated to customer service. It makes life easier for our clients. So this week we’ll be enjoying heading towards even greater results on our key performance indicators for customer service.

Did you know, we hold short stand up meetings daily to ensure our sales operations are running at maximum efficiency, with rapid response times and high delivered in full on time rates. It’s all part of customer service. But not only that, we do a few things here and there that you simply don’t find others doing.

Yes, only just the other day, we had a customer in with a competitor who was struggling to help him identify his lamp and give him the correct replacement. Our customer phoned us (a bit apologetic but he had to get the job done), handed the phone over to the competitor and we explained what it was he needed. Customer service is truly going the extra mile!

After all, we’re just a customer service company who happens to be in the FM supply industry.

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