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Making WEEE recycling easy at Sainsbury’s…

Making WEEE recycling easy at Sainsbury’s…

Project Description

RLT Onsite, part of the RLT Group, has a simple mission statement, continuously dedicated to making life easier for our clients.  Recycling of lamps is a notorious headache for mobile engineer teams maintaining large portfolios of stores.  This results in lamps not being recycled, or at best, being recycled but paperwork not being completed.  RLT Onsite set out to make this process as easy as possible in line with one of our core values, innovation; by doing this, we knew we could encourage the process to be completed properly.

RLT Onsite Solution

RLT Onsite has a history of innovation.  We brought the simplyonsite distribution to market to streamline distribution of lighting materials to organisations maintaining multi-site portfolios.  More specifically, we innovated through the use of an app to help one of our clients streamline the ordering process for materials for one of the large UK supermarkets (other than Sainsbury’s).  When Arcus Solutions & Arcus Facilities Management began using us for the Sainsbury’s Convenience stores contract, we again set out to streamline how they recycled their lamps through the use of the same platform our earlier app was built on.

Alongside this, RLT Onsite worked with Recolight to put 12 central large container locations around the UK on distribution sites.  These ‘back-haul locations’ were pre-populated on the app and located conveniently for the many engineers around the UK.

Quite simply, the new system captures all details to fulfil the requirements of the Environment Agency whilst making the process very easy.  Use of an app and digital capturing of data along with centralised back-haul locations gives the following benefits to the whole process:

– Data is captured at every stage electronically

– Data is saved and fully searchable for transparency and making it easy to retrieve in future

– Pre-populated fields make the form filling much quicker than paper versions

– Online data cannot be deleted or lost as paper can

– Easy step-by-step process ensures the form is filled in correctly

– Back-haul locations are convenient for engineers

– Much greater success rate of recycling

RLT Onsite will continue to innovate.  We simply don’t stand still.  Watch this space for more innovation into the future in lighting design, consultancy and distribution.

Download the case study.  Sainsbury’s Recycling

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