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[VIDEO] Making good use of our packaging…

[VIDEO] Making good use of our packaging…


The packaging protocol has been refined and continues to be refined to ensure it is as easy as possible to dispose of packaging easily and recycle as much as possible.

Here are three quick wins when disposing of RLT Onsite packaging:

1. Our packaging is brightly coloured.  This makes them very easy to identify on site if you don’t find them already through the automatic notifications.

2. Our voidfill solution is air pillows.  This results in much less waste than traditional loosefill.  Once you remove them from the parcel, simply run a safety knife through the pillows to deflate them and they will reduce to less than a handful.

3. The cardboard carton is fully recyclable.  Simply slit down the taped join top and bottom to flatpack.

If you have got any further ideas on how we can make your life easier, please contact us.

Download this as a pdf document below.

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