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Lights… Camera… Action!

Lights… Camera… Action!

Canon Showroom | Lights… Camera… Action!

The Canon Showroom is a prestigious development in Holborn which showcases the latest from the UK’s leading provider of cameras, printers and other electronic equipment.  Such a range demanded a design that reflected the innovation in the products on display.  Alongside this, a cost-effective solution was required to maximise the value in the project.

Utilising products available within Europe, RLT Onsite were able to source high-performance products within short lead times enabling the project to stay on schedulel.  The minimalistic track lights and spot light ensured the lighting was effective in promoting the products whilst remaining unobtrusive.  The lighting reinforced the different areas using a combination of different lighting styles to produce an ultimately stunning result.

Download the case study below.

Canon Showroom

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