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[VIDEO] Information needed when replacing a recessed luminaire

[VIDEO] Information needed when replacing a recessed luminaire


So many luminaire are now obsolete that many luminaires need replacing with an LED equivalent that must fit in the same recess hole in the ceiling or in the same space.

It’s a very common frustration when you get to site to have a luminaire that either doesn’t fit or is too small for a hole in the ceiling. In fact, regardless of whether it is recessed or not, if you are trying to find a luminaire on site, the more information the better upfront.

So very simply, here is a list of the most important pieces of information when trying to replace a luminaire with an equivalent LED.

A picture. As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words. Seeing an image of a luminaire can answer many questions immediately such as the type of louvre, shape, rough size etc… If a picture or photo can be obtained, of the front, back and any labels on the fitting including remote gear boxes, this can be all that is needed to source a suitable alternative.

Cut-out size. It is very important to get either the size of the hole that the luminaire is recessing into, or the internal recess size of the luminaire once it is out of the ceiling.

Lamp type. Simply take a lamp out and get the wattage, type of lamp and colour. Also, the amount of lamps per luminaire is critical.

Aesthetics. The aesthetics of the luminaire are crucial such as bezel colour, louvre type, whether the luminaire swoops or swivels and glass type.

If the above information is given, you are almost certainly unlikely to be faced with a frustrating circumstance on site.

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