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How can you be an expert… at everything?

How can you be an expert… at everything?

In short, a single person can’t but with key supplier relationships you can…

As the FM industry changes, it is becoming an accepted fact that those companies who can provide “total FM ability” are the ones who will win.  An increasing number of contracts are now being signed for total FM rather than splitting out the various capabilities.

This has huge advantages for the client.  They only have to run one tender for the complete FM contract, they have one provider as a contact and even administratively, there is less work involved.

It’s a win for the provider too.  Not least that the contract is bigger and they have total autonomy in how they provide without having to work alongside other FM companies undertaking other roles.


…the provider also has to ensure they have expertise in an increasing number of areas which, frankly, won’t get any less complex.  Instead of manning doors, cleaning toilets and emptying bins, their skill set has to include understanding building control as well as being a partner that proactively recommends ways to improve their client’s portfolio across all aspects of facilities.

Whilst it is essential to have such skills amongst the workforce, an excellent way to very quickly improve expertise in all areas is to ensure strong relationships are formed with key, trusted suppliers.  Providers who are recommending the most innovative solutions to their clients are those who are forging these relationships and leveraging their suppliers’ expertise in their specific field of supply to pass on to their clients.

Take lighting maintenance for example.  It is crucial that the provider has a workforce which understands the basics of lighting such as changing a lighting ballast, the correct type of protection for different luminaires and how to test which component in a luminaire is at fault.

But maybe a ballast has been discontinued and the new alternative has a different wiring pattern.  Or what size battery a specific inverter should take.  It could be a problem with knowing what the correct colour triphosphor lamp is compared with halophosphor.  Your engineer is expected to not only have in depth knowledge on lighting, but also potentially across two or even three trades, such as electrical and HVAC also.

One step further, how does an FM organisation ensure they have expert knowledge in lighting controls and lighting efficiency to proactively recommend innovative ways of reducing energy consumption or increasing light levels?

Your supplier has that knowledge and expertise.  RLT Onsite is dedicated to making life easier for both project teams and maintenance engineers.  With a technical helpdesk ready for the day to day queries from engineers on site through to consultants who can readily offer proactive advice on the best lighting solution for a project, you can leverage our expertise on the lighting field to give your client unmatched solutions.

Whilst this may seem obvious, it clearly doesn’t happen.  On site engineers dread changing a lighting ballast if it has been discontinued as do key account managers if they are asked to propose new lighting schemes.

RLT Onsite not only is ready to provide that support but proactively introduces it ahead of client requests making it a win-win situation.

It’s virtually impossible to be an ‘expert’ at everything.  But thankfully, you don’t have to be…

(…well, not for lighting anyway!)

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