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Fantastic Retail Summit…

Fantastic Retail Summit…

Another day with potential clients… Fantastic to work on more lighting challenges in the retail industry. One prospect spoke about how some trial LED refits had appeared to ‘clinical’. It’s exactly what we get from so many of our clients. Utilising the wrong light colour, the wrong CRI or low R9 factor in LED can have such a huge effect on the aesthetics of a store.

And it’s not the smaller retailers that can get it wrong. Large retailers can be given a rosy picture of amazing paybacks and energy savings only to find they have damaged their brand a few months down the line, or the products start failing and the company has disappeared.

There WILL be a product that will suit every retailer but it is critical that you choose a consultant that understands your brand and gives you a product that will enhance your store rather than damaging it.

Looking forward to working with all those we spoke to at the Retail Display and Shopfitting summit. Contact us for your lighting consultancy session.

Retail Summit

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