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Can you afford the time?

Can you afford the time?

Or could you spend it more wisely?

You’ve got the best deals on materials.  You know this, because you spent time on it.

It’s convenient.  You can call in to your local branch and order it.  When it’s in stock, you can collect it.

And the invoice?  It may sometimes be wrong but you check them all anyway and that makes sure you are paying price from the brokered deal.

Paul Taylor from VINCI Facilities sums it up.  “Time is the biggest potential area of waste”.  He suggests 80% of waste on a contract is inefficient use of time.*

It confirms what we have seen for over a decade.  The cost of labour is a considerable element within the FM industry and by reducing this area of waste, the savings can be impressive.

Reduce wasted time and increase the bottom line.

With the simplyonsite system geared around streamlining procurement, the time savings that can be achieved are astounding.

  • With direct to site delivery from one central stockholding, engineers no longer need to collect and have access to many more products within 24hrs…
  • Order and delivery notifications keep everyone in the know of when goods are on site including who signed for them…
  • The Live Price Book system adopted by RLT Onsite ensure invoice queries are eliminated regardless of whether the goods are delivered to Aberdeen or Andover…
  • And with new bespoke solutions for large facilities managers, further time savings can be achieved after analysing operational procedures…

From 12 hours a day to 2 hours a day…

Working with one of the largest facilities managers in the UK, RLT Onsite has reduce the workload on office based staff from 12 hours work per day to 2 hours work per day in one department.  This isn’t to mention further time saved on the ground amongst the engineers.

Over six weeks of working time per year per engineer…

It is estimated another facilities manager could be saving up to six weeks of working time per year per engineer by using the simplyonsite system.

Reducing time wastage is key.  Get in touch to find the easier way to do it.

*BIFM article 24th September 2015 by Martin Read

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